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24/7 service

Contact: +61 3 9330 3603

Is your equipment not functioning completely anymore?

 Call the number listed here. The operator will evaluate the defect and consultates together with you in which time frame the problem can be solved. This number is available 24/7.

Innovative design

Service is only a matter of seconds thanks to the VebaBox' innovative design. The detachable Thermal Units, which provide the cooling capacity, are removable. They are easily entirely replaceable, so that the VebaBox is always on the road!

Maintenance and reparation

Thanks to VebaBox' maintenance and reparation team, it is possible to deliver the best service possible. In addition to performing repairs in the workshop at the main location in Uden , it is for most repairs also possible to come on site. Besides our own engineers, VebaBox cooperates with Veenhuizen Group, who has mechanics throughout the Netherlands on the road. VebaBox always consults with you about the best solution.  

If desired, VebaBox can do a preventative maintenance for you. Your product will be checked completely and if necessary, repaired. VebaBox also possesses the tools for calibration. During calibration, one will measure if the temperature on the display is the actual temperature. The calibration report can, if desired, be supplied with an RVA calibration certificat.

All VebaBox products have a standard warranty of 2 year. For more information, go to the general terms.

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