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Frequently asked questions about the VebaBox

Does the car need any adjustments before placing a VebaBox?

<div>The cargo space of the vehicle needs only one connection to place a VebaBox. The original battery and alternator can remain in the vehicle. In some vehicles with an intelligent alternator special supply will be necessary (DC/DC-converter, see options and accessories) in order to make sure the box functions perfectly.</div>

Is the VebaBox easy to clean?

Yes, the VebaBox is made of synthetic materials which can be cleaned with normal cleansing agents.

Can I purchase a VebaBox with shelves?

<div>Each VebaBox is fully adaptable to your needs, including shelves, frame to guide boxes, cargo securing and drawers are possible.</div>

Can I put several VebaBoxes in one vehicle?

<div>Yes, this is possible.</div>

Can I see the VebaBox models and possibilities somewhere?

Yes, this is possible. We will invite you gladly in our factory and showroom for a guided tour. Please contact us.

What is the lifespan of a VebaBox?

<div>The first VebaBoxes were manufactured in 1998 and are still being used. This gives a good indication of the lifespan of the VebaBox.</div>

How much time does it take to set up a VebaBox?

<div>The period for a set up is accurately determined by using the installation frame and the electrical installation kit. This is 6 to 8 hours with no routine and 4 to 6 hours with routine.</div>

What kind of approvals are on the VebaBox?

<div>The VebaBox is manufactured at the ISO 9001-2000 standard. If required RVA calibration certificats, HACCP and ATP certificates and CE certificates are available.</div>

Do I have to place a roof-fan?

<div>The high efficiency of the VebaBox ensures a low heat emission. Only for cooling during stand still and the summer sun, we recommend installing a thermostatic switched roof-fan in combination with the Battery Power Pack.</div>

Can I install the VebaBox myself?

<div>Yes, this is possible with minimal technical know-how and if the installation frame and the electrical installation kit are used. If you have any questions during the installation we are always available. Of course you can let the installation provide at a service point.</div>

Can I lease the VebaBox?

<div>Yes, this is possible. In general the VebaBox will be leased with the car (as accessory). The VebaBox will be yours after the lease. Please contact a commercial vehicle dealer.</div>

Is it possible purchasing a VebaBox with several temperatures?

<div>Yes, this is possible, please contact us or one of our dealers. We are pleased to show you some examples.</div>

Is it possible that a VebaBox can cause a starting problem?

<div>No, not with the use of the electric set. In the set is a separating relays (depending on tension) which switches the VebaBox automatically on or off when you put the engine of the car on or off. All the VebaBoxes are designed in a way that the power intake during driving is completely capable of charging the battery sufficiently.<br></div>

Is there a possibility to take the VebaBox out of the vehicle with a trolley?

<div>Yes, in this are various possibilities. From a simple pallet base to a folding trolley. We are happy to discuss the desires with you, in order to make an appropriate proposal.</div>

What is the period of time on cooling/heating of a VebaBox with the Battery Power Pack?

<div>This depents on the use of the VebaBox. For each VebaBox, there are Battery Power Packs available that work for stops between 10 minutes to several days, both 12 volt and 230 volt. We are happy to discuss the desires with you, in order to make an appropriate proposal.</div>

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