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Pharmaceutical transport with VebaBox

The VebaBox is a flexible solution for pharmaceutical transport. In the transferable cool container, you always transport medicines and other products between +2°C and +8ºC or between +15°C and +25ºC. This is the temperature in which medicines should be stored and transported according to the GDP guideline. Except for the VebaBox, the PharmaModule is also very suitable for GDP transport.

How does the VebaBox work?

For every type of vehicle
Cooling, freezing and heating
Easily transferable

Pharmaceutical transport solutions

The VebaBox is a flexibele solution for pharmaceutical transport. The transferable cool container is applicable for medicine transport between +2°C and +8ºC or between +15°C and +25ºC. The VebaBox is thus able to cool and heat and furthermore, it can easily be transfered to another commercial vehicle.

The PharmaModule is especially designed for pharmaceutical transport between +15°C and +25°C. The module is placed in the cargo space of your vehicle and ensures that the freight quickly is at the desired temperature. Because of the compactness of the module, the greater part of the cargo space is available for medicines. Medicines that should be transported between +2°C and +8°C can be transported at the same time as the ambient medicines by combining a PharmaModule with a small VebaBox. This way, the temperature in the cargo space is between +15°C and +25°C and the temperature within the VebaBox between +2°C - +8°C.

GDP transport with the VebaBox and PharmaModule becomes even more flexible when a Battery Power Pack (BPP) is installed. This way, both systems have the unique possibility to continue cooling/heating during standstill. The BPP reloads automatically when driving and when the engine is not running, it will take over the power supply. The quality of your product remains ensured during loading and unloading as a result of a constant temperature.  

Discover here the possibilities for GDP transport with a VebaBox or PharmaModule.

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