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Eat with ease, cools with ease!

1 year ago

As ‘Eten met gemak' (eat with ease) entrepreneur Sandra Koningstein delivers chilled meals in the region of 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Not only because of her passion for everything referring to food, but also the social aspect of this service convinced her to take this challenge in June 2016. The high quality meals and service-oriented approach are paramount in the formula of ‘Eten met gemak'. Maintaining this quality is something that is very important for Sandra. That’s why she transports all meals chilled. To easily meet these quality standards, Sandra chose to install a VebaBox in her commercial vehicle instead of buying a refrigerated van.

VebaBox is the ultimate refrigerated van alternative
The meals of ‘Eten met gemak' are cooked in the kitchens of ‘Eetgemak’ in Katwijk and Beekbergen. Here fresh ingredients are used from the season, in the same traditional way as you would do yourself at home, only in larger quantities. After cooking the meals are rapidly cooled back down to 5⁰C so that taste and vitamins are best preserved. Afterwards, the meals are immediately packaged and sealed. When the chilled meals are delivered, the meal will still be preservable for seven days when leaving them in the refrigerator between 2⁰C to 5⁰C.

Also transport of the products should always be at a temperature of 5⁰C. "With the VebaBox I can easily set the correct temperature for refrigerated transport of the meals. ‘That’s why I chose  the VebaBox at that time.’ This is not the only benefit for Sandra. It is of importance that the meals remain chilled continuously. Therefore the VebaBox for ‘Eten met gemak' features a battery power pack. This is a battery that is charged while driving the car. When Sandra makes a stop to deliver a meal, the Battery Power Pack will take over the power for the cooling. "I deliver in one day about 30 to 40 meals to customers. As a result, I do make quite a few stops for loading and unloading. It’s significant that the food is continuously cooled without having any gaps in its cold chain. That’s why the VebaBox is an ideal alternative to a refrigerated van to me.’

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