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For samples to be examined in a laboratory, the temperature during transport is an important aspect. To transport these samples at the correct temperature, a VebaBox is very suitable. For example for the transport of water samples, blood samples or transport of organs is an accurately defined temperature essential.

It's important that samples cannot only be cooled, but that they can also be heated during transport on cold winters days to make sure that they won't freeze. This way, the ideal temperature for most water samples is +2ºC or +12ºC.  VebaBox has specialized through years of experience in the industry.

Het Waterlaboratorium
"We have been using the VebaBox for twenty years now and we are very satisfied about the quality of the product. We transport surface water samples and that is why we chose to have extra evaporators in the VebaBox, this because of the cooling capacity during the hotter months. At this very moment we have about twenty vehicles with a VebaBox."

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, temperature plays a crucial role. Medicines work best when they are stored and transported under appropriate conditions. In this industry, GDP and GMP guidelines are applicable; guidelines for medicine transport and the manufacture of medicines.

The GDP guideline points out that most medicines need to be transported between 2°C and 8ºC or 15°C and 25ºC. The product portfolio of VebaBox, especially the PharmaModule, is extremely suitable for the transport of medicines and can therefore easily comply with this guideline.


The food industry uses a wide variety of temperatures. To ensure the quality of food, products are refrigerated or frozen. This is especially important for a variety of delivery services of fresh and frozen products.

Except refrigerated transport, the transport of heated products is often necessary within food service. This way the VebaBox, which can cool and heat, is for both large and small caterers a perfect answer to the HACCP requirements.

Van Tienen drankautomaten
"For compact cooling systems, Van Tienen has found a great partner in Veba MediTemp. The cooling systems that were realized for Van Tienen VebaBox meets the HACCP requirements due to the linked Dyzle registration system."

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