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GDP approved solutions

GDP refers to Good Distribution Practice. This GDP directive points out that medicines must be stored and transported under the required conditions. Most of the medicines should be transported between +2°C and +8ºC or between +15°C and +25ºC as of now.

In March 2013, this new directive was published. Wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers are checked for compliance with this GDP standard.

The above shows that the need is high to regulate the distribution of medicines quickly and properly. With the purchase of both the VebaBox as the PharmaModule you can easily meet the GDP standard, without drastic action. Because these products guarantee a constant temperature of your cargo.

'A drug that has been temperature abused is every bit as dangerous as one that is not authentic'                       


We provide you with a total cold chain

Are you interested in a GDP compliant cold chain? Watch our video in association with pharmaceutical wholesaler Brocacef about how Veba MediTemp supports them with their total cold chain solution. Perhaps we can do something for your cold chain too!

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