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For your total cold chain

A VebaBox is very suitable for cold chain and last mile transport. The transferable cool container transport your products between -18°C to +25°C, with a temperature divergence of only 1°C. The VebaBox can easily be placed in your commercial vehicle with only a few adjustments to the vehicle.

How does the VebaBox work?

For every type of vehicle
Cooling, freezing and heating
Easily transferable

Cold chain solution

A good cold chain is of great importance for temperature-sensitive products. The VebaBox is a flexible solution for this. Your products can be tranported at any temperature between -18ºC and +25ºC. The VebaBox uses the power supply of the car and it can easily be transfered to another vehicle.

Refrigerated transport is also important when it concerns last mile transport. Thanks to the custom-made VebaBox, your products are transported at the required temperature during the last mile, from distribution hub to final destination, and it is in compliance with the GDP guideline. What makes the VebaBox special is the ability to continue cooling during standstill by means of a Battery Power Pack (BPP). The BPP reloads automatically when driving and when the engine is not running, it will take over the power supply. The quality of your last mile transport remains ensured during loading and unloading as a result of a constant temperature.  

Discover here the various possibilities of the VebaBox or PharmaModule for cold chain transport.

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