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Part of Veba MediTemp

Over 30 years of experience in cold chain

To be the number one choice for companies that are committed to temperature controlled transportation.

VebaBox aims to be a leading player in temperature controlled transportation; with custom made, innovative and service friendly products at competitive rates.

Who are we?
VebaBox is part of the company Veba MediTemp BV founded in 1983. From a one-man business Veba MediTemp has grown into the international production and sales organization it is now. The headquarters is located in Uden, The Netherlands. Through dealers and distributors, Europe, Asia and Australia are already served. In other words, VebaBox is inseparable with the contemporary conditioned transportation worldwide.

We are a young and diverse team who work daily with great enthusiasm to continuously optimize and expend the product range. Except enterprising we are flexible minded, this way we are always able to realize a customized solution for your refrigerated transport and specific product needs.

“Innovation is the incentive; we are always open to special challenges and find effective quality solutions for it”.

-        Rob van den Acker, CEO

How we do it?
Our production and engineering team can always offer a solution that fully meets your needs. Veba MediTemp has had an assembly plant in Slovakia since 2014. A professional team specialized in technological production was set up here, to quickly and professionally handle large numbers. This way we can guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices. With an extensive range of accessories Veba MediTemp is a one-stop shop in terms of temperature-controlled equipment.

Future developments

Having a vital role in temperature-controlled transportation, VebaBox aims for continuous and radical innovations that strive for the best quality of your temperature-sensitive products. Therefore, VebaBox is the best partner in temperature-controlled transport.

Are you also aiming for the best temperature-controlled transport? Please contact us.

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